Some Holiday Cheer for Your Election Day Blues


I could really use some crack after this election, but that’s probably not a good idea; so I’ll settle for some holiday cheer.

Guess who’s going to be a vendor at this year’s Bronx Museum Holiday Market?! Moi! Nothing would bring me more joy than to finally meet you–my support system–at my very first pop-up shop. The dates are December 10th & 11th, and it runs from 11:00 am-6:00 pm, each day at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. Mark your calendar!

Admission is free, the event is family friendly, and there’s going to be so much good food for sale. You’ll get to knock out your holiday shopping and you’ll feel great after supporting us local businesses that support our communities right back. My table will be full of dope titles; and fun, reader, wine & Bronx-related gifts items. Here’s some of my favorite features…

Meet Melody Velez, Bronx native and custom cake designer. Try not to lick the pages of her adult coloring book of cake sketches compiled for us to let out our inner #cakeboss and relieve some election day stress. Melody is currently on Barnes & Noble shelves and is one of many authors who will lose their platform when the Bay Plaza location closes… that is until The Lit. Bar opens.



It’s a rainy day in America, but at least we’ll be fashionable with these wine bottle umbrellas. I own the green one. Love it!
Go on a blind date with a book. Pick up one of these mystery books, gift wrapped, and tagged with clues, so you can’t judge it by it’s cover. Our nation could learn a valuable lesson from this exercise.


I look forward to giving out church hugs, taking selfies with you, and sharing more about our bookshop initiative face-to-face.



My name is Noëlle Santos and I approve this message.







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