Author Drops Gems on What a New Bookstore Means to the Bronx

If you saw some girl in a South Bronx laundromat crying her eyes out yesterday… I swear it wasn’t me. Ok, so I was doing laundry yesterday and I got a Twitter notification (cutaway: somehow I got sucked into Twitter. I’m getting the hang of it, but Lawd, the struggle. Follow me @bossynbookish.) and it was a link to a video by an author named Ty Allan Jackson. Mr. Jackson opens with salutations and then he talks about a young lady (who’s name he forgot) who is opening a bookstore in the Bronx–hol’ up that’s me!

I won’t go into depth on the video because I really want you to watch it, but it discusses the significance and symbolism behind The Lit. Bar coming to the borough. It confirms that my business venture has value beyond me and my dreams; and that I’m essentially paying rent for my room here on earth. That realization is when that strange girl started crying over the washing machine. I’m actually glad he didn’t know my name at the time because it made his message that much more organic. Mr. Jackson has since reached out to me on Facebook and I’m going to do whatever I can to get to him from Massachusetts (wow, my 1-person campaign has reached that far) back to his hometown for our grand opening.

#staywoke and please share this powerful message that rings true beyond the Bronx.


Full video below:


  1. I watched his video and was so impressed with his choice of words. His insight into the barriers we encounter are complimented by a positive message to the people of The Bronx. You, Noëlle are part of the positive message and greater vision. Many many well wishes in your endeavors.


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