@DNAinfo New York “Thank You!”

I have to be more careful about what I say to the press. Now the whole world knows I’m about to be 30 years old. Goodbye Forbes‘ 30 under 30… hello, Crain’s New York 40 under 40. Lol, so dramatic, right?

This week, my vision for The Lit. Bar was featured on the premier blog, DNAinfo New York. I am truly honored; myself and everyone I know has followed this publication since before The Lit. Bar was even a thing. The reporter, Angely Mercado, did an amazing job at pulling so much substance from my hour-long rant on my borough’s undeserved literary & art community, gentrification, stigma, and my journey. I appreciated how she wove in testimonies from prospective partners which really drove home the The Lit. Bar’s future impact on the Bronx.

I did request that the article’s title be updated and DNA happily obliged. While the bookstore would be the only indie in the borough, we won’t be the “first”. That gives me an idea… I should track down former Bronx booksellers to share their stories with us.

About this badass photo: This picture was taken at the hidden Bronx gem, The Gardens at Wave Hill , by Bronx photographer, Cynthia Ciccone (follow her!). The book I’m holding was secretly written just for me; it’s titled Rebel Bookseller: Why Indie Bookstores Represent Everything You Want to Fight for From Free Speech to Buying Local to Building Communities by Andrew Laties. Oh yeah… and I slay.

This was our first time in the local media and it has garnered so much positive response. Again, we’ve welcomed many new subscribers to this blog, our social media, and email list–but this one has brought a new energy… from my Bronxite family. I’ve been moved to tears by some of the messages I have received… it’s humbling to be called things like “inspiring… hero… a blessing to the borough”. You guys have the wrong girl; I’m just Noëlle from the block.

Ok, my body says “get some rest”, but my email and social media notifications say “nah”. I will get back to everyone soon; for now, know that I love you all. Thank you!!!

You can read the full article here.


Noëlle aka Rebel Bookseller

P.S.- I’d love to capitalize on this momentum by launching our crowdfunding campaign sooner than later. My concern is that we’ll lose a big chunk in capital gains taxes if we gain funding in 2016 and don’t spend it within the year (location is still pending). If anyone could shed some professional/experienced insight on this, I’m all ears.




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