The Lit. Bar in the News

Guess who’s having the best week ever!

The Lit. Bar was featured in three of my favorite bookish publications in just the past two days: American Booksellers Association’s Bookselling This Week, Publisher’s Weekly, and Shelf Awareness Pro.

I am overflowing with gratitude; the media attention has bought so much traffic to my social media accounts, The Lit. Bar’s website, and this blog. I’m failing miserably at keeping up with all the messages I’ve received, but I will eventually get around to everyone with my many thanks for the likes, shares, and for standing with me as I proclaim “the Bronx is no longer burning… except with desire to read!”.

If you’re new to 1stNoëlleNation, welcome! (Disclaimer: I’m a little… um, eccentric.) Please take a moment to subscribe to The Lit. Bar’s mailing list for updates on our progress–especially if you live in the Bronx. On the blog, I post long-form accounts of my bookstore/reading/self-journey, but the mailing list will get you bookstore announcements and calls-to-action in real-time.

And finally, you can check out all the media hoopla by following the links below. Next stop is Oprah’s couch, lol.

American Booksellers Association: Borough Native to Open Bookstore/Wine Bar in South Bronx

Publisher’s Weekly: Indie Bookstore Headed to the South Bronx

Shelf Awareness: The Lit. Bar to Open in the South Bronx





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