Why This Black Girl Isn’t Rockin’ with Harriet Tubman on the New $20 Bill


Girl, this was my face too when I heard.

In July of 2015, I pissed off a lot of people when I posted on Facebook that I hope the chosen female face on the new $20 bill isn’t black. I almost started a black woman riot… pink lotion and judgement spilling all over the streets!

Dear commentators & inboxers, we’re not ready. Thanks for trying, America, but this offer isn’t progress, it’s a failed consolation prize and just perpetuates a culture of color-blindness. Oooh man, are ‘they’ going to have a field day with this one… every issue plaguing the black community is going to be met with ‘what do you mean you don’t have equal opportunity and pay, and your beauty is not embraced, and mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow, and your children are exterminated? Your sista girl is on the greatest symbol of what us capitalists value most. Bam, nigxa you made it!’. There’s enough ‘but I have black friends’ and exceptional nigger (exhibits A & B: Obama and Oprah) defenses stealing necessary conversations. I can think of a ton of other places where our our lives need to matter and our faces need to be represented before currency.

Enough about ‘them’, let’s talk about ‘us’ because the state of our race isn’t just an external issue like we love to believe. I’m just going to use Harriet Tubman since she’s a top candidate. Picture this: it’s 2020 and Harriet Tubman is in our pockets… printed on the same thing she was bought and sold with, folded up with and held to the same regard as the men who oppressed her, she’s standing on line for hours to be handed over for Jordans, her face is getting weed rolled up on, sticking out the crack of Cardi B’s ass, and described as ‘the root of all evil’. Anyone else disturbed? Money and misogyny in black culture is a whole other topic. Bottom line, we’re not ready for the ‘honor’ until the honor becomes honorable.

Trust me, I really wish I could rejoice and hashtag the news #blackgirlsrock now that this rumor has become reality.

~1st Noëlle

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