Join my Book Club| Intro to Readers & Shakers

I adore this work by Synthia Saint James. She is my mother’s (Cynthia with a “C”) favorite’s artist since I was a little girl. It’s not a logo, but it’s the perfect representation of the vision for my book club, Readers & Shakers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have the perfect announcement for today’s theme of love. I have embarked on a longtime dream of mine and launched a book club! And not just any ol’ book club…

The Plot. Readers & Shakers is a hybrid book club based in New York City and is best suited for (but not limited to) women ages 21 through 40-something. Each month, a book (genre will vary) is carefully curated to inspire us members to live our best life! We host intriguing book club discussions and incorporate our book’s premises and settings into fun, real-life group activities & travel.

What is a “hybrid” book club? Im not sure if I coined that term, but this group connects like-minded women, not just novice readers, and we bond beyond book discussions. Let’s say our book’s setting takes us on a literary journey to Washington D.C. or even Europe… well, field trip! Culinary mentions… let’s eat it! “Bossbabe” inspiration… let’s network and collectively build and develop our brands! Soup for the soul reads… let’s apply the book’s premise to initiatives in our own communities! Our books may take us to restaurants, museums, movies, events, and good ol’ fashioned couches with wine, dessert, and light-to-serious book discussions. There is a place for everyone!

I’m sorry for shouting at you this entire post, lol, but I’m just so excited to embark on this journey. It incorporates my passions of reading & entrepreneurship and also gives me a platform to get in tune with my market before I open Lit. BookBar. The value in this club for all of us is making new friends and ultimately expanding our horizons through literature; ensuring our reads live with us forever.Oh, and the travel! I am partnering with the owner of Jus Adventures, Samantha Murdock, to coordinate our travel needs. If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know she’s responsible for coordinating most of my amazing trips and has been instrumental in my growth, both personally & professionally.

To Join. Click on “Join My Book Club” at the top of this page and you’ll be linked to our website where you can become a member (free) and RSVP for upcoming meet-ups. Our first gathering will be a casual brunch on Sunday, March 6th, 2016 and our agenda is to meet & mingle, eat good food, and vote on our first read.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook @ Readers & Shakers and follow us on Instagram @readersandshakers.

Hope to see you all there!

~1st Noëlle

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