Tools for Keeping My New Year Resolutions

photogrid_1452784788265.jpgIf I had to sum up the first week of 2016 in one word, it would be productive. I dedicated my entire week (outside of my day job and my shift at the bookstore) to getting organized and ensuring I had the tools to achieve all the goals I set out to make for the new year. I thought my new year haul could be helpful to others…

Planner. Goals/resolutions that aren’t written down are just hopes. But when your goals are put down on paper, you clearly define what it is that you want (which is challenging in itself) and you’re are forced to literally face them. Even better than writting them down is breaking your large goals down into smaller, less overwhelming ones, and attaching timelines to them. This way something like “open a bookstore” goes from just a retirement day-dream to an obtainable one that you’re accountable for making happen in a realistic time-frame.

I chose to organize my resolution paths with a physical planner and I was worried it was going to be 2017 by the time I finally decided on one to suit my needs, which included: managing my fitness goals, meal planning, blog & social media posts, and breaking down my daily to-do lists by day-job, Lit. BookBar, and household/personal tasks. This research process taught me that the first book I write will be a planner for entrepreneurs. After hours of comparing planners I chose this monogrammed-beauty by Plum Paper.

They get a A for effort for at least acknowledging new-age needs with these SECTION ADD ONS: My Home Planning|Fitness Tracking|Direct Sales Planning|Blog Planning|Wedding Planning|My Class Planning|Baby Tracking|Meal Planning|Budget Planning. Still not my dream planner, but they won my 2016 order.

Camera/Selfie Lighting. Yes, I said selfie lighting, lol. One of my sub-goals for opening Lit. BookBar, traveling, and branding myself is to offer better quality photos on social media and this blog. I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to compare cameras, but whatever, I need to make informed decisions. The winners…

I was so hype when I heard the Lumee phone case with built-in selfie lighting was one of Oprah’s favorite things after I bought it. Great minds think alike!
Olympus Tough TG-4. Yup, I even chose this one over the Go Pro for its still-shot ability. Perfect for my vacation/everyday pictures & videos with a waterproof feature and all of its modes.
Slow Cooker.This purchase made me feel so old, but what a great time-management tool.
I love my Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor. I put it on right before workouts and it gives me an accurate count of the calories I’ve burned. It’s like a little coach too–it beeps when you’re not in your target heart rate. I tested it out at a Soul Cycle class last week and it was awesome!
Bedside bestie. You ever think of genius things right at odd hours of the night and them forget them in the morning? Me too!
Charles Schwab had me at “free ATMs and unlimited ATM-fee reimbursements worldwide”. Paul and I are going to Dubai tomorrow, so I jumped on their High Yield Checking account so I can avoid currency conversion fees on my cash. It came with a brokerage account, no strings attached, so I set up small direct deposits into that account and I had such a great experience with their client services that I transferred my ROTH IRA over to them from TD Ameritrade. Charles Schwab even gave me back the $75 TD charged me for the transfer. I feel so grown up banking with an investment firm and using their tools & guidance to achieve my long/short-term financial goals. Oh and there was no minimum to start any of this, so you can do it too!

I wish everyone a prosperous new year. Happy goal-setting!

-1st Noëlle


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