I have a set of skills! I will find you and I will Yelp you *Liam Neilson voice*! I will Google you, Amazon-star you, and Goodreads you too. I am a serial barcode scanner at the supermarket, the beauty supply store, and I’m combing through your Instagram mentions tagging yo pages up. Hide yo kids… hide yo wife… cause I’m reviewing errbody out there!

While I was searching Instagram for low-maintenance hairstyles for my upcoming trips, I came across a product called The Curl Band. It claimed to be an easy, fashionable, heatless tool to curl your natural (stretched) hair or weave overnight. After some detective work, I decided to give it a chance. Here’s my experience…

I had a simple enough time ordering my curler from I paid $25 (plus $5 for shipping, no tax), because I had to go all out with the gold option from their Glitter Collection; but they have black and pink bands that go for $20. You have to have a Paypal account to checkout.

My Curl Band arrived in 5 business days in this cute little drawstring pouch. It’s the size of both of my hands, side by side, with my thumbs touching.
WordPress is trying to charge me $99 to upload videos (chill), so you can go to my Instagram @1st.noelle to see a 15-second video of my fat ass arms flailing to put it on. I learned how to do it from the real-time video tutorial located on their ordering site. I have the worst hand-eye coordination and it only took me 3 and a half minutes, one try, and they are correct when they say it “doesn’t have to be perfect” to get great results. My hair didn’t have any product in it and was not blown out at all.

Update 3/15/16:I figured out how to embed videos free (only 6 months later, lol).

I woke up like dis… I woke up like dis *does Beyoncé hands*. This is what it looked like when I took my bonnet off this morning. No touch-ups or anything. The entire band is super soft, so it was comfy to sleep in, and I didn’t have to position myself in any special way to keep it together. Everyone’s significant other would appreciate looking at this over a head scarf before bed and I would totally make a store-run or go to the beach with it on. So cute!
Yaaasss Curl Band people! I literally slid it off and it fell just like this. I chose loose waves, but the video tutorial on their website shows you how to get tighter waves and curls.

Sh*t, I just missed my train stop messing with ya’ll. Anyway, this is an awesome product. I love the results on my roller-set hair, but I can’t wait to use it after my Dominicana blow-out when my hair is silky smooth. Oh, and I’m getting my first weave installed after work today *does Beyoncé hands again*. I was so stressed about how I was going to maintain a style being that I have no skills I’m a newbie, so I am so glad that I stumbled upon The Curl Band and gave it a shot. Stay tuned for my post on my unnatural hair journey. Lord, was it a journey.

~1st Noëlle

Anyone who wishes for me to review their product, service, event, etc. should submit their request via the Digame!(Contact Me) link at the top of the main menu. Please be advised that I will give an honest review whether my experience is positive or negative.

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  1. I’ve been doing this for about 6 years using a knee high. I first saw a video on Youtube, but I’ve never done it on damp hair or used any type of setting lotion like the wedsite says and I ALWAYS have bounce curls that last all day.


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