black-woman-jugglingYesterday, I took my first ‘sick day’ from work in 6 months. While I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, it was a much-needed reset. I caved-in to my mangu craving, took a ‘how-did-shampoo-and-conditioner-turn-into-$150’ trip to Target, made my boyfriend a celebratory dinner, and just laid up with mindless TV playing in the background. Ok, so I wasn’t sick sick, but I don’t feel a twinge of guilt. Burnout is a form of mental illness and will have you laid out and useless just like a flu. Consider a rest day an immunization shot. Muva is exhausted! In a good way though.

Here’s what I’m juggling right now…

My Aug/Sept Travel Itinerary (and tons of blogging material):

  1. West Palm Beach|August 29th-September 1st: My boyfriend’s mom invited us and his sister, nieces & nephew to visit her. Since it’s also his birthday weekend, we’re going to make a long weekend ‘bae-cation’ out of it. Paprika (my mother), is going to drive down with my two sisters from Orlando and all of us are going to spend a day at a water park.
  2. Philadelphia|September 5 & 6: I can’t pass up on Beyoncé and J. Cole and Paul (my boyfriend. You’ll meet him more formally in my West Palm Beach post) can’t pass up on Philly cheesesteaks and The Weeknd… so we’re going to the Made in America Festival! We booked a cute little Bed & Breakfast right in the heart of Center City, so we’re going to hit the 2-day concert, explore the city, and visit his friends and godson who live nearby. Road trip!
  3. Maryland|September 12th & 13th: My girlfriend, Samantha, is the owner of a women’s social group called Just Us Girlfriends. She’s also a travel agent and organizes huge 4/5-star group trips overseas; this time she’s catering to requests for more local getaways. So I called up my best friend, Sherry, and The 48th Annual Maryland Seafood Weekend… here we come!
  4. Dallas|September 18th-September 20th: I’m going *claps 4 times* deep in the heart of Texas! I’ll be meeting my godson, Carmelo Lamar Wilson, for the very first time. You can never fall in love too many times.

So yea, that’s 4 weekends in a row. Sh*t.

My day job: I’m on my fifty-eleventh final draft of a 51-page (for now) employee handbook. Once I’m versed on company culture, I interview employees and managers, and determine the policies and procedures that need to be documented in addition to federal and state laws. My company is super high-tech–and I’m not–so my days are consumed with advisory and compliance meetings to accomplish that. For any new policy concepts I want to introduce to the company, I create proposals by researching best practices, surveying other companies in similar industries, and then completing a cost-analysis. Then I plead my cases and go through several rounds of revisions, approvals, compromises, and heart-wrenching denials with the CFO, CEO, the Board of Directors, and lawyers over language. I live for this stuff; but are you still awake?

Lit. BookBar: My biggest goal for this month is to secure an internship at a bookstore. I’ve been kind of depressed ever since I poured my heart & soul out to my bookstore owner idol and she turned me down for a mentor/intern-ship; but now it’s time for me to put on my ‘big-girl panties’ and move on. On September 1st, I start a 2-day-a-week, 20-session, business development course with the local organization that I hope will help fund me. My business plan is pretty much complete, but this organization is responsible for developing the rezoning plans for the area Lit. BookBar will call home. So, while I will be taking full advantage of this course, my other agenda is to build a strong relationship with these people.

So in between all of that, I still have to water my own grass. Ok, I mean that figuratively; I don’t have my own grass in the South Bronx. On my quest to be great, I still have to balance household chores, bills, familial obligations, my beauty/hygiene regimen, social media, emails, this blog, eating healthy, work-outs, and ‘white space’ to plan all these things in my ‘OCD way’. My relationship is a top priority as Paul has his own personal goals I journey through with him. Oftentimes my life is really overwhelming, but I’m motivated by all of the experiences, success, and love & support I receive back from the effort I put out. I only take on what I’m passionate about with the purpose of doing what I have to do now, so I can live the way I want later. I am so grateful to be exhausted.

Gone girl,

~1st Noelle


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