BARZ: Single Forever

The Relationship Manifesto missed my hood
And my family tree left the subject misunderstood
But because hearts and circles were shaded in black and blue
I’m unbound by rules
and I’m free to write the guidelines in my own gray hues
Do you
realize how long is forever?
That’s a long mf time of for worse and for better
See, it took me 28 years to find her
28 years to stop waiting on her father to find her
4 and a half of those to do it per my example
6 in college not to have to stay due to financials
It took 2 to find you, 6 more to love you for who you are
1 agonizing year at square one; because I didn’t learn and you took it too far
The mis-education of Noëlle took some time to undo
After all that school
my greatest fear now is losing me over you
I’m the strongest when I’m an individual
That’s why I need to stay single
Now that I’m a know-better
no-debtor with upgraded circles
A go-getter
I’m too consumed to apply pressure
I want us to stay singles forever
I found track of time
And forever is a long mf time
and since that’s how long I intend to stay
Who’s to say
that relation-ships only sail
when permission slips prevail
Victims of “h*es ain’t loyal…
bonds over titles…
it’s all about checks”
For me a text
kills any doubts of disrespect or neglect
You not knowing you is my notion of fail
I want you to say “yes” to late nights with the fellaz
I’ll be home with leftovers
and cures for hangovers *wink*
When it’s over
we’ll rollover
and laugh about the other pairs making war at 4 am instead of love
and shorty with the big booty that gave you the eye in the club
Breaking down J Cole lyrics; sharing my dreams of a bookstore/pub
I want to feel trapped only by the hearts and free to travel the world chasing the arts
and that scene I read about in a chapter five
and know I’m coming home to a man that’s alive
A movement himself but a force when combined
with not another half, but another whole
I want to be single with you forever
Relationship goals

~1st Noelle, the Comma Queen

This is the first time I’ve ever written a poem or whatever this is. I was inspired by an essay someone shared on Facebook by a Canadian writer named, Isabelle Teissier. Also, Tyrese’s new album, Black Rose, just dropped and he has me in my feelings.

One comment

  1. I like the whole concept of always being and doing you. Finally getting to know one self and not letting anything or anyone alter who you are as an individual. Dope!


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