My name is Noëlle-oh-N-to-the-O-E…

Ok, so I won’t be adding “rapper” to my resume anytime soon. Welcome to the blog formerly known as “Beauty and a Beast: Personal Finance for the CNN Misfit”. A series of inspiring events is responsible for today’s relaunch; a whole…year…later. Long story short: I put myself in a box. Beauty and a Beast was so specialized that I became disengaged as I went through many different seasons of life this past year. 2015 is the year that I found myself! I won’t spoil all the juicy tales and lessons that bought me to such a powerful statement in this reintroduction.

Who is 1st Noëlle? 1st Noëlle is my social media handle. You know, like the Christmas song. The song I’ve learned to embrace after 20-something years of every mf I meet sin–*deep breath* sorry. It’s a little ego too… I’m #1! Most importantly, I put myself first.

This personal blog of calculated randomness isn’t just another way to ‘follow me’. You’ll get to know me behind the Facebook & Instagram music and I’ll be sacrificing some of my privacy to share my wisdom and connect to my readers; same purpose, same tone, but a more holistic approach. My old posts will be available in the archives and personal finance (the way only I can do it) will be a recurring topic. Also on the sidebar, you’ll be able to filter posts by category to read only the topics that interest you at that particular time (or below the most recent posts if you’re using your mobile device)..

Thanks for riding out with me,

~1st Noëlle

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