Everybody is understandably stressed about money these days and it’s wreaking havoc on our romantic relationships. Oh and sorry, you think your kids don’t know, but they do!! Today I want to share MY ideology on the way live-in couples should split the bills. It’s in a man’s nature to lead and provide for his family (a good one anyway), but the way our economy and the wonderful professional advancement of women is set up…

Couples should have 1 joint account to pay bills and 1 for their savings-in-common goals. Additionally, they should have separate personal accounts… married or not… checking and/or savings… I don’t care. I am believer that the main component of a healthy relationship is that each person maintain their own identity; and part of that, is having money that is your own!

Whatever percentage of the money they make, is the percentage of the expenses they each take on. That amount gets deposited into the joint accounts. To the drawing board…

The income:

A’seelah makes $2,000 per month

Ty makes $3,500 per month

Their total income is $5,500 per month.

A’seelah makes 36% of the income (2,000/5,500) and Ty makes 64% of the income (3,500/5,500); therefore those are the percentages of the bills they should each pay.

The bills:

Rent $1,100

Utilities $85

Cell Phones $100

Child care $350

Savings for house down payment $400

Total bills $2,035… A’seelah deposits about $733 per month and Ty deposits about $1,302 per month in the joint accounts.

My method is a way to make sure that the burden is not falling too heavily on one person. Splitting the bills 50/50 is not the same burden on a $42,000 annual salary as it is on a $24,000 annual salary. Communication about money and where you stand as a unit is always in play, because the contributions are always changing as incomes and expenses rise and fall. Financial intimacy is the hardest aspect of relationships to conquer once you’ve established love, so if you can communicate about money, there is nothing you can’t face together… in my opinion.


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  1. I agree totally. communication is key if you can communicate regarding money and you will have an amazing relationship because you can’t stand together and be happy,

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